Week 4

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Week #4: Monday, August 24th - Friday, August 28th: Cave Quest "Following Jesus, the light of the world"

Crafts - http://borrowedblessings.net/cave-quest-vbs-frugal-craft-ideas/ Bible Verse Activity Sheets and Lightning Bug Jars

Cave Quest VBS Game Hopeful Hops

Supplies: Plastic cups, empty pool, buckets filled with water

Description: Place an empty bucket in the centre of the playing area, and place the two buckets full of water 15 feet away from the centre bucket on either side. Place a stack of cups beside each bucket on the ends of the playing area. The goal of the game is for each crew to do their best to fill the pool with water. Assign each crew to a bucket and ask them to stand beside it. When the leader says ‘go’ one person at a time from each crew must fill a cup with water and bring it to the pool in the middle, but they can only hop towards the pool. Once they have reached the pool they now dump whatever water is still in their cup into it. Once they have dumped their cup the crew members go to the opposite bucket that they started on and get into the back of the line with their cup in hand. Play can continue until all crew members have made it to the opposite side of where they began or until they have filled the pool to a previously determined depth.