Week 3

Hey VBS families! We're sorry that we aren't able to spend a great summer with you all this year, but we wanted to still give you a chance to have some VBS fun and remember some of our great memories we shared together over the past few years. Each week of August we are going to post some of our favourite songs, crafts, games, snacks and stories from the past 4 VBS years - Roar, Shipwrecked, Maker's Fun Factory and Cave Quest. Take a look and have some fun!

Week #3: Monday, August 17th - Friday, August 21st: Maker Fun Factory

"Created by God, built for a purpose"

Crafts - Magnetic Alien Robot

Snacks - Cheese Block Robots


Maker Fun Factory VBS Game Wall Shadow Art

Supplies: Stone or wooden wall outside, water hose.

Description: ask kids to line up along the wall spaced apart. Ask them all to stand in a silly pose or anything fun. Once they are ready turn to hose on, stand far enough back to get the kids wet but not close enough to hurt them with the water. Begin spraying the kids as they stand as still as possible. Once everyone and they wall around them is quite wet turn the water off and ask the kids to step away. You should now see their profiles outlines by the wet walls. –

A great activity in this hot weather!!