Week 2

Hey VBS families! We're sorry that we aren't able to spend a great summer with you all this year, but we wanted to still give you a chance to have some VBS fun and remember some of our great memories we shared together over the past few years. Each week of August we are going to post some of our favourite songs, crafts, games, snacks and stories from the past 4 VBS years - Roar, Shipwrecked, Maker's Fun Factory and Cave Quest. Take a look and have some fun!

Week #2: Monday, August 10th - Friday, August 14th: Shipwrecked "Rescued by Jesus"

Crafts - Twig Boat

Snacks - Beach Scene Pudding Cups



Shipwrecked VBS:

Buried Treasure Hot or Cold

Supplies: stuffed animal


Choose one child to be the finder, ask the finder to close their eyes, or place a blindfold on them. Once the finder’s eyes are closed ask the rest of the players to quietly decide where they would like to hide the buried treasure (stuffed animal). Once the stuffed animal is hidden ask the finder to walk around the play area carefully searching for the stuffed animal. While they search the other players must call out hot if the finder is close to the animal or cold if they are far from it, they should also call out cold every time the finder gets too close to another player or starts to get outside of the playing area. Keep this up until the animal is found. Repeat the game with child member being the finder, play until all members have been the finder or until the family decides it is time to end.


Week 2

Week 1 Story

Hills VBS Story.01 .mp4