Week 1

Hey VBS families! We're sorry that we aren't able to spend a great summer with you all this year, but we wanted to still give you a chance to have some VBS fun and remember some of our great memories we shared together over the past few years. Each week of August we are going to post some of our favourite songs, crafts, games, snacks and stories from the past 4 VBS years - Roar, Shipwrecked, Maker's Fun Factory and Cave Quest. Take a look and have some fun!

Week #1: Monday, August 3rd - Friday, August 7th: Roar

"Life is Wild. God is Good"

Crafts - Make your own Safari Binoculars

Snacks - Jungle Safari Trail Mix

Music Videos:


Hills VBS Story.01 .mp4


Roar VBS Game Jungle Trust Walk

Supplies: spray bottles (enough for every player), water, chairs or something similar to use as obstacles

Description: Set up your play area by using chairs/pylons etc. as boundaries and place some of them within the play area as obstacles, the play area can be as long as you like but make sure it is only about 8 ft wide. Ask the players to form two lines facing each other with the obstacles in between them. Choose one player to be the explorer and go through the obstacle course. The explorer will be blindfolded and the rest of the players will be given a full spray bottle. The goal is for the explorer to make it through the obstacle course safely but also while being sprayed by the remaining players that are lined on either side of them. Choose one player to be the guide, this players job is to call out directions to the explorer so they know whether to climb over a chair, get down low, go left or right etc. The remaining players’ jobs are to spray the explorer for fun and especially if the explorer gets too close or is heading in the wrong direction. The water also might cause the explorer to get distracted at times, and of course its quite refreshing! Once a player has finished the obstacle course they get into line and you pick a new guide and new explorer. Play until everyone has been the explorer and guide, or as long as you like. Who can make it through getting sprayed the least? The most? Who can make it through the course the best?